Frequently Asked Questions Answered...

How long does a roof replacement take?

A residential roof replacement can be done in one day. Sometimes, because of certain circumstances, it can take up to two to three days. We try to be as efficient as possible so we can be out of your hair and you can enjoy you home with a new roof.

Difference b/w replacement cost value and actual cash value?

Replacement Cost Value means the replacement cost of a present time asset. Actual Cash Value is the Replacement Cost Value minus its depreciation.

Why is the mortgage on the insurance check?

Everybody who has invested into the property is always issued payment by the insurance company, including the mortgage company. Without a signature from everybody invested in the property, the bank won’t cash the check. A way to deal with this is to endorse the check immediately as you receive it back from the mortgage company.

Are 3 estimates necessary?

Not at all. You should work with a contractor that you trust. When receiving an estimate that is lower than your insurance allows, they will pay the lower estimate but keep the difference. To avoid any problems, work with a contractor that is able to work with your insurance provider.

Am I supposed to pay my deductible?

You will have to pay your deductible. In the State of Indiana, for a contractor to help with the payment of a deductible is illegal.

What does your warranty look like?

At Chase Restoration, we offer an industry standard two-year warranty on a roof we replace.  If lengthier protection is desired, we can offer a ten-year labor warranty that is backed by a FIFTY-year protection against defective material!

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