Storm Damage

Hail Damage Services

Hail can show up out of nowhere. Hopefully, your cars are in the garage. There is not much you can do to prevent hail damage. It would be a smart idea to have your roof inspected after a hail storm because it usually causes quite a bit of damage.

Even if there are no immediate visible damages like leaks, hail diminishes the property of future durability of your roof. The first hail storm might have been the one to soften up your roof so that the next one brings it down. Our professional team can come out to your home to inspect your roof and repair it so it can withstand the next hail storm.

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Fire Damage


Homes can burst up into flames for a multitude of reasons. A house fire can be stressful in the moment and obviously the first thought “is everyone okay?” After a house fire, roofs usually need to be replaced due to an exposure to smoke and chemicals left behind that are hazardous to the health of your loved ones. That is, of course, if the roof did not go up in flames itself.

Our professional team at Chase Restoration can come examine your roof after a house fire. We are well experienced in roofing that is damaged due to house fires. Our services include fire remediation, remodeling services, odor regulation, clean up, full restoration and more!

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Wind Damage


Storms have a habit of producing heavy winds. Indianapolis is known for unpredictable weather that is capable of tearing off your roof. There are plenty of houses each year that suffer from heavy winds during ruthless storms. Bad storms expose aged roofs and will sometimes call for a repair or replacement.

Our team of experts will come out to your house to assess the situation and fix your roof right up. We work with your insurance company to ensure you get the coverage you’ve paid all these years! Whether it is a commercial or residential roofing issue, we will take care of your roofing problem so you can be back as if it has been nothing but sunny days!

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I was selling my house and during the inspection of my roof it was found that it needed some minor repairs and some shingles replaced after a big wind storm over Easter weekend. Chase Restoration came out and got all the work done quickly. On the day of closing on the sale of my home there was a disagreement between myself and the buyer about what had been agreed upon to be fixed. There was a possibility that the closing would be postponed and I planned on leaving for Seattle, WA right after closing. I called Chase in a panic! Chase contacted the buyer’s realtor right after we got off the phone and explained all the work that had been done. He was able to reassure the buyer’s realtor and went the extra mile to make sure they were satisfied. Chase Restoration was THE reason I was able to close that day. I couldn’t be more thankful for Chase Restoration for coming in and saving the day!!
Elizabeth Flynn

Ice Damage

Indiana winters are notorious for producing mass amount of ice. When ice forms on the edges of your roof, it causes all sorts of problems. The damage can become severe enough to allow water through the shingles and damage your walls and floors.

If you see large amounts of ice built up in your gutters and along the edges of your roof, break it up and scrape it off before it is too late. If you do not notice it in time, our professional restoration team can repair your damages in full.

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Roof Snow Removal

At least a couple times a winter in Indiana, we have over five inches of snow on the ground. That means we have five inches of snow on our roofs. If you don’t have a high-quality roof, the snow could be too heavy for the roof and could force it to cave in.


If you don’t have the tools or ability to clean off your roof, you will need some professional help. Our team is happy to come unload the burden on your roof. We have the professional tools to clear off the snow in an efficient and timely manner.

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Roof Ice Melt Systems

Have you had problems with your roof during the winter more than once? Some roofs are more susceptible to having ice damage, which leads to more damage, than others. You don’t have to just wait for the damages to happen for you to get them fixed.


We have a preventative measure you can take! Our professional team of experts can perform ice melt services to your roof. This stops your roof from forming ice dams which saves your roof from damages that cause leaks.

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